Adjuster Prelicensing Education Course

The Adjuster pre-licensing insurance course is designed for any person that wishes to obtain the North Carolina Adjusters license. The Adjusters course covers terms and concepts regarding Property and Casualty insurance, homeowners policies, flood insurance, auto insurance, commercial property and casualty policies, and state regulations regarding Property and Casualty insurance policies and business.

Free Testing

The course contains extensive testing to aid in the student's understanding of the course material. However, you do not have to pass a test to compete the course. The only completion requirement you have is to be finished in 90 days. There is no final exam, however we have two practice final exams for you to assess your knowledge.

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To learn more about the Adjuster State Exam subject matter in detail, review the Exam Content Outline on page S13 of the North Carolina Insurance Licensing Examination Candidate Guide. The Agent's Choice Adjusters course covers all topics in this content outline.

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Online Adjuster Course

Adjuster Online Course Only

Online Only Course
$ 149.95

Online Adjuster Course with Book

Adjuster Online Course with Book

$ Adjuster Online with Book Course
$ 179.95

North Carolina Adjuster Textbook Only

All books are shipped postage free the next business day using Priority 2-3 day delivery. No Registration is necessary for Book purchases. The book has all the same course material as online courses. Tests are not included with a book only course.

North Carolina Adjuster Textbook
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